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Vaporization Temp GuideChoosing to use a wax or dry herb vaporizer for prescription medical marijuana or for recreational marijuana, in places where permitted by law of course, can allow you to enjoy the great benefits from the active compounds in cannabis without exposing yourself to all of the harmful effects of smoke and harmful carcinogens. It also permits the user to enjoy a cleaner and more potent effect from their herbs, waxes, and concentrates as vaporizers do not burn the media and instead vaporizes them. Here at, we have a huge selection of vaporizer products and accessories available with options to suit every need available at highly competitive prices. We also offer Norton Shopping Guarantee free of charge with any purchase at our store. With Norton Shopping Guarantee you can be assured that your purchase is not only safe from malicious and prying eyes, but it also ensures that you pay the very best price for the product you have chosen.

There are 4 types of Vaporizers:

The first thing that you need to decide when selecting a vaporizer is which of the four main types of vaporizers is right for you. Vaporizers basically fall into one of four categories:

  • Portable Vaporizers - are small, hand-held vaporizers. These units are usually battery powered. However, there are some portable weed vaporizer models that require the use of a lighter or butane. The main benefit of a portable vaporizer unit is that it can be taken anywhere, as it does not require electricity to operate. Portable vaporizers are best for those who want to enjoy medical marijuana on the go but still want a high level of efficiency and potency from their media.
  • Vape Pens - these are very compact portable vaporizers, use batteries, and have the form factor of a Pen.  A rechargeable vaporizer pen is the most discreet way to vape, and the easiest type of vaporizer to take on the go. 
  • Desktop Vaporizers - are vapes that require a household power supply. Desktop vaporizer models typically are the most efficient and produce the best quality vapor. These kind of vaporizers are ideal for people who only use medical marijuana when they are in the confines of their home.
  • 3 in 1 Vaporizers - these vaporizers have the capability of being compatible with dry herbs, waxes, and e-juice. 3 in 1 vaporizers are extremely convenient because they eliminate the need to have several units for different media types. These units come in both - Desktop and Portable varieties.

Vaporizers for Different Media

Another very important consideration when you are shopping for a vaporizer online is what type of media you are attempting to vape. There are three very distinctive types of materials that can be enjoyed in vaporizers and some vaporizers allow you to vape all kinds of media on one unit:


                                           Dry Herbs Icon       Wax Icon        E-Juice Icon         3 in 1 Icon


  • Dry Herbs Vapes -a dry herb vaporizer is used to vape botanical blend herbs, tobacco, or marijuana. Nearly all desktop vaporizers are herbal models, and many portable vapes are as well. You can also find e pen vaporizer products for herbs.
  • Wax Vapes - wax vaporizers are used to vaporize wax, legal hash oil, or other waxy concentrates. A wax vaporizer is one of the most common pen types. There are also a large number of portable and desktop models that can be used to vaporize wax.
  • E-Juice Vapese-juice vaporizers are used with vaporizer oils, which can contain nicotine, and are used in place of traditional tobacco cigarettes when people are attempting to quit smoking. Most of the best liquid vaporizer products are Mods, rather than pen or desktop models.

There are 2 different types of Vaporizer Heating Elements:

One final thing to consider when you're selecting a vaporizer is whether you would prefer a conduction vaporizer or a convection vaporizer. In a conduction vaporizer, the heating element comes into direct contact with the media for direct and quicker heating, while in a convection vaporizer, material is heated indirectly by warm air inside of the heating element and chamber. Both types have their Pros and Cons. Read below to see which type is perfect for your specific needs.

Pros of Conduction Vaporizers

  • Speed - heat comes into direct contact with media, therefore it heats the media up quicker than a convection type of vaporizer.
  • Price - most herb pens, wax vaporizers, and oil vaporizer models use conduction heating. This makes this particular kind of unit cheaper than convection vaporizers.

Cons of Conduction Vaporizers

  • Conduction Vaporizer vs Convection VaporizerReduced Efficiency - conduction vaporizers can sometimes leave media unevenly vaporized. Especially if the media is too dry.
  • Risk of Combustion - being that the heating element is in direct contact with the media, there is a higher risk of the media combusting instead of vaporizing.

Pros of Convection Vaporizers

  • Efficiency - the media is evenly heated and never comes into contact with heating element.
  • Vapor Quality - steadier flow of vapor and media is never burned/combusted..

Cons of Convection Vaporizers

  • Price - these units are usually more expensive as higher quality materials and parts are used.
  • Slow - being that the media is being heated evenly and never comes into direct contact with the media, these units tend to take longer to reach vaporizing temperatures. But, most modern units reach optimal temps in a minute or so.

Whether you're looking for the best vape pen for e juice, or the best weed vaporizer pen for weed and waxes, you can count on to help you find the best weed vaporizer for your legal medical marijuana needs. We are here to help you compare all of the vaporizers and accessories available to you, and help you select the right one, whether it's the best and most affordable vape pen, or the best portable herb vaporizer from a luxury brand. Contact our vape store online via chat, email, or by phone for assistance. Also, be sure to check out our Blog for the latest in Legalization and Vaporization News, Daily Deals, and other store offers available at our store!!

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