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Cloud Pen

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  • Cloud Pen OG Vaporizer Kit

    The OG comes equipped with a click-in atomizer setup, which allows the attachment to stay firmly in place whereas other vaporizers can easily fall apart.

  • Cloud Pen Paragon Vaporizer

    The new Paragon vaporizer is exactly that; the epitome of wax pen excellence. Designed to be the all-in-one solution to dabs on-the-go, the Paragon is the first ever wax pen to feature a built-in NoGoo silicone wax jar, as well as an integrated dab tool.

  • Cloud Pen 3.0 Vaporizer

    Without a doubt the most versatile unit from Cloud Pen, the new 3.0 comes with everything you need to vape your favorite wax, waxy oils and dry herb. The 3.0 comes standard with a dual-coil atomizer, a vertical ceramic rod atomizer, as well as a dry herb atomizer and Cloud Atlas 1.0 glass attachment.

  • Cloud Pen M-16 Vaporizer

    The new Cloud Pen M-16 is the newest two-in-one pen-style vaporizer on the block, and it's here to show and prove. Sleek Design and powerful performance in a discreet size.


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  • Cloud Pen Chloris Vaporizer

    Cloud Pen, known for their ellipse-style pen vaporizers, have recently taken a big step and produced their first true portable herbal vaporizer, the Chloris.

  • Cloud Pens Vaporizer

    The Cloud Penz Vaporizer has quickly become the most popular wax vape because of it's impeccable reputation for providing the most efficient vaporization possible. Simply load your wax onto the atomizer and you're vaporizing in seconds. 


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6 Item(s)