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Whether it's an upcoming Job Interview or you are just looking to cleanse your body of any toxins, then these detox products are what you need. King of Vapes™ carries a variety of Detox Products to suit your needs.

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  • UPass Synthetic Urine

    U Pass Synthetic Urine is your best friend for a urinalysis. Synthetic Urine by Upass is carefully premixed in a laboratory with all the necessary components of human urine, including proper creatine levels, specific gravity, and ph balance making it the best fake pee around. 


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  • Test Pass Hair Follicle Shampoo

    Test Pass Hair Follicle Shampoo is a unique hair detox product. This hair cleansing product is effective even for very high toxin levels.

  • Test Pass Chewable Tablet

    If you need a fast and reliable solution to pass a urine test, this chewable tablet is the way to go! With its new advanced technology, this tablet starts working after 45 minutes and keeps your urine clean for 3-5 hours. 

  • Instant Clean Additive

    Instant Clean Additive is a revolutionary urine detox product that instantly cleans your urine when added. This urine detox product is the perfect solution for random situations.

  • Test Pass Maximum Strength Drink

    Test Pass Maximum Strength is the most reliable way to get you clean. The Test Pass drink is a truly engineered full body great tasting detox drink which sets the standard and works in just ONE hour!


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5 Item(s)