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A crucial step in the vaporizing process is grinding your dry herbs. Almost all vaporizer manufacturers recommend grinding the dry herb material before loading it into the herbal chamber. This allows for better performance from the vape as it allows increased airflow throughout the chamber and that maximizes vapor production. At King of Vapes, we offer many different Brands and styles of herbal grinders to make your vaporizing experience a much more pleasurable and efficient process. We carry wood grinders, wallet-friendly grinder cards, high-quality metal grinders, and stylish grinder watches. 

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  • Vogue 3 Piece Spray Can Grinder

    This Santa Cruz Shredder Spray Can Grinder is constructed from medical-grade anodized aluminum and is the ultimate in new herb grinder technology.

  • 2-Piece Herbivore Grinder

    The 2-Piece Herbivore Grinder comes in at 63mm in diameter and is the largest in the dry herb line of Herbivore grinders.

  • Tightvac GrinderVac Container - .07L

    The Tightvac GrinderVac is an all-in-one dry herb container that comes equipped with a fully functional built-in grinder.

  • Volcano Acrylic Grinder XL

    Coming in at 90mm, the Volcano Acrylic Grinder XL from Storz & Bickel is one of the largest herb grinders available on the market today.

  • Rocket Grinder

    The new Rocket Grinder is a small-lightweight, multi-functional grinder, and it's innovative design combines a grinder, storage container, and one-hitter into a single unique product.

  • Volcano Grinder

    The Volcano from Storz & Bickel Grinder (Herb Mill) features extra sharp teeth for efficient grinding of your favorite herbs.

  • 4-Piece Space Case Grinder

    The Space Case titanium four piece grinder is the ultimate grinding machine. This four piece herbal grinder can grind anything you throw at it. The diamond-shaped sharp cut grinding teeth will never dull, and will be grinding for years to come.

  • 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder

    The 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder is constructed using a ultra strong poly-carbonate acrylic designed for non-slip action. This grinder is easy to hold and has shark tooth nails inside for easy shredding action to produce fine ground material. 

  • 2-Piece Metal Grinder

    This 2-Piece Metal Grinder is an essential tool for vaporizing your herbs efficiently. It's made from durable aluminum and features razor sharp blades to make sure your dry herbs are ground to the appropriate consistency.


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  • Magic Flight Nano Grinder

    These compact grinders are custom designed to fit exactly into the bowl of the Launch Box, allowing for the perfect fine grind of herbal materials with no possibility of spilling or loss.

  • Vaporizer Accessory Kit

    Now that you've purchased a vaporizer, maintain your investment by ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your vaporizing experience. This accessory kit includes everything you need to start vaporizing like a pro.

  • Grinder Watch

    This Grinder Watch is perfect for anyone that wants to grind their herbs with maximum stealth and portability. Not only is it capable of grinding your favorite herbs, but this item also serves as a fully functioning watch!


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