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  • KandyPens Feather Vaporizer

    The KandyPens Feather Vaporizer is the very first ecigarette for nicotine salts and Kandypens first ecigarette ever!

  • KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer

    The new K-Box Vaporizer from KandyPens is a compact yet super powerful portable wax vaporizer.

  • KandyPens Prism Vaporizer

    The KandyPens Prism Vaporizer is a super discreet but powerful vape pen from the makers of the Galaxy and Gravity vaporizers.


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  • KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer - Walnut Collection

    The KandyPens Flacko Jodye Vaporizer - Walnut Collection is a sleek and sexy vape pen with a retro feel designed by none other than trend-setting rapper A$AP Rocky.

  • KandyPens Special K Vaporizer

    KandyPens, the makers of the Executive, Gravity and 56 Nights Galaxy wax pens, proudly introduce an oil vaporizer whose single purpose is to put its competition to shame.

  • KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer - 56 Nights Edition

    DJ Esco, World Class DJ and the rapper Future's producer, has joined forces with one of the biggest Brands in the vaping industry - KandyPens, to bring us the Galaxy 56 Nights Limited Edition.

  • KandyPens Elite Vaporizer

    The KandyPens Elite Vaporizer features a compact and elegant design and was engineered strictly for vaping crumble and other waxy concentrates.

  • KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer

    Just like its name implies, the KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer serves up some of the most robust and milky clouds of vapor you have experienced in a wax pen.

  • KandyPens K-Stick Wax Vaporizer

    KandyPens proudly introduces the K-Stick wax vaporizer. This discreet little wax pen is designed with the daily dabber in mind.

  • KandyPens MIVA Vaporizer

    Adding to their line of high performance dry herb vaporizers, KandyPens recently developed the MIVA portable vaporizer. This discreet unit is capable of complete control over the temperature to ensure dependable vapor production with each use.

  • KandyPens MINI Vaporizer

    Don't let the name fool you, the KandyPens MINI vaporizer is designed to produce large and smooth clouds of vapor. This next generation wax pen is powered by a robust 950 mAh lithium-ion battery with a the coil-less ceramic atomizer that can be set to three different temperatures.

  • KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer - Tornado Edition

    A storm's a-brewin! The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Edition" vaporizer is here and sweeping across the land. Outfitted with an adjustable air-flow system, this wax pen features the ability to regulate the intake of air and customize your vaporizing experience.


Set Ascending Direction

Items 1 to 12 of 21 total