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Micro Vaped

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  • Micro Vaped V4 Vaporizer

    The newest version of the Micro Vaped wax pen vaporizer isn't just the latest, it's also without a doubt the greatest of the incarnation of the incredibly reliable Micro Vaped luxury vape pen yet. The Micro Vaped V4 bears a completely rebooted design, which at first glance makes the V4 appear to be nothing more than a standard writing utensil

  • Micro Vaped Nano V4 Vaporizer

    The Micro Vaped Nano V4 is only 4.5 inches tall and designed to resemble a fine writing pen for discreet vaporization. Don't let the word "nano" deceive you however, as this little vaporizer packs quite the punch.


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  • Micro Vaped FOB Vaporizer

    The new FOB Vaporizer from Micro Vaped represents the ultimate in "low-key" vaping. Designed to be the most discreet portable vaporizer ever, at first glance the FOB appears to be nothing more than an ordinary car key fob. The FOB's power and temperature control buttons are even disguised as a 'trunk open' and door 'lock' and 'unlock' buttons.

  • Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Vaporizer

    Micro Vaped, one of the most recognizable names in vaporization, is excited to announce their crossover collaboration with Nectar Collector, the cutting-edge glass designers out of Colorado to bring you the new Micro Vaped Nectar Collector. 

  • Micro Vaped Flora Vaporizer

    The Micro Vaped Flora is a truly one of a kind unit and sets the new standard for portable herbal vaporization. Utilizing an innovative vapor delivery system which features an internal glass compartment and glass mouthpiece, you'll no longer be sacrificing flavor during your vaporizing sessions.


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5 Item(s)