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We carry a wide variety of replacement screens for most Vaporizers available at our store. Don't see what you were looking for? Contact us via chat and tell us what you are looking for. The items might be in stock and haven't been added to the site yet.

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  • Genius Concentrate Discs

    These Genius Concentrate Disc are constructed from high-grade ceramic and act like a sponge and absorbs your favorite oils or waxes for smoking with your Genius Pipe.

  • Genius Pipe Evolution Slider

    This is a new slider for the Genius Pipe that provides improved air-flow, easier loading and all-around access to the bowl, and more customization options for your Genius Pipe.

  • Genius TruTaste Screens

    Each of these Genius TruTaste Screens are constructed from surgical grade steel and have a higher melting point than your average metal pipe screen.

  • Boundless CFC Screens

    This is a set of two genuine Boundless CFC Vaporizer high-grade replacement Screens.

  • Volcano Solid Valve Wear & Tear Set

    This Volcano Solid Valve Wear & Tear Set by Storz & Bickel consists of all the necessary components or spare parts for the Volcano’s Solid Valve Set.

  • AirVape Xs Replacement Screens

    This is a 5-Pack of genuine Apollo AirVape replacement screens for the AirVape Xs Vaporizer.

  • Boundless CFC Mouthpiece

    This is a genuine Boundless high-grade plastic replacement mouthpiece for the CFC Vaporizer.

  • Pulsar APX Mouthpiece

    This is a genuine Pulsar™replacement mouthpiece specifically designed for the APX portable vaporizer. When you purchase this mouthpiece you also get a screen assembly included at no charge.

  • Pulsar APX Screens

    This is a genuine replacement Pulsar™ 4-pack of stainless steel replacement screens that are designed specifically for use with the APX portable vaporizer from Pulsar

  • Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads

    With the genuine Firefly 2 Concentrate Pads, you can turn your Firefly 2 Vaporizer into a little powerful and portable dab machine. This 3 pack of stainless steel mesh concentrate pads is designed to rapidly absorb heat when you feel like taking your dabs on-the-go.

  • Atmos Glass Screen Set

    This is a genuine Atmos Glass Screen Set that can be used with the Atmos RXAtmos Junior, or Atmos Jewel Vaporizers when using aromatic blends.


    Out of stock

  • AtmosRx Ceramic Filter

    This genuine Atmos replacement ceramic Filter allows a smooth and robust airflow from the Ceramic Heating Chamber to the Rubber Mouthpiece of your Atmos Rx unit. It fits directly into the Rubber Mouthpiece, and is designed to cool air and vapor before passing through the rubber mouthpiece.


    Out of stock

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Items 1 to 12 of 34 total