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StoK (ThisThingRips)

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  • ReMIX Vaporizer

    As a key part of the amazing evolutionary stage in their all-star line up of popular vape pens, #ThisThingRips proudly introduces the R Series ReMIX Vaporizer.

  • Roil Vaporizer

    The Roil wax pen vaporizer is the newest addition to the #ThisThingRips family. Featuring familiar #TTR styling, the new Roil is equipped with an advanced coil-less ceramic ring atomizer, which delivers smooth, natural tasting dab rips without a burnt or charred taste.

  • R2 Series Vaporizer

    Back and better than ever, the R2 is the latest and greatest in #ThisThingRips popular R Series. While the overall design hasn't changed much, a completely revamped atomizer system results in even better performance than the original!

  • OG Four 2.0 Vaporizer

    Quartz crystal technology is all the rage these days, and #ThisThingRips new OG Four 2.0 wax pen is right on the cutting edge. Similar in design to their flagship R2 Series (but a little larger), the newly released OG Four 2.0 features an eye-catching chrome finish with an orange polycarbonate visual heating chamber. 


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4 Item(s)