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Transporting and keeping our media fresh is a must for any vape enthusiast. There are a variety of Storage Mediums available to keep your dry herb blends and waxy concentrates fresh and there's even storage for vaporizers and their accessories.

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  • KandyPens Storage Ball

    The KandyPens silicone storage ball is the perfect concentrate storage solution and is a must-have companion for any dab enthusiast.

  • Tightvac GrinderVac Container - .07L

    The Tightvac GrinderVac is an all-in-one dry herb container that comes equipped with a fully functional built-in grinder.

  • Tightvac SpaceVac Container - .06L

    The Tightvac SpaceVac container is a discreet and unique vacuum sealed dry herb container for storage of your favorite dry herb strains.

  • Volcano Capsule Caddy

    The Volcano Capsule Caddy from Storz & Bickel is a handy little keychain holder used to carry up to 4 of your Volcano dosing capsules.

  • AirVape Xs Shell

    Already own the awesome AirVape Xs Vaporizer? Then take your vaporizing experience with it to the next level with the AirVape Xs Shell.

  • Pax Vaporizer Carry Case

    Protection for your precious Pax Vaporizer has arrived. Just slip this stylish and cozy carrying case over your Pax and help keep it safe from accidental bumps and bruises.

  • Rocket Grinder

    The new Rocket Grinder is a small-lightweight, multi-functional grinder. It comes with a built-in keychain making it easy to take on the road. This ingenious and innovative design combines a grinder, storage container, and one-hitter into a single unique product.

  • VapeCase (Volcano)

    This Vape Case is the perfect storage device for your Volcano Vaporizer. It conveniently fits the Volcano unit, Valve Set, Balloon Bags, Herbal Grinder, Cleaning Brush, Power Cord and Mouthpieces. This particular Vape Case comes with a durable soft bag that makes it easy for transportation.

  • Vapir Prima Case

    Protect your investment! This carrying case for the Prima Vaporizer from Vapir lets you easily transport your Prima as well as your Prima accessories, such as the charging dock, wall adapter, glass bubbler, bubbler adapter, replacement screens and so much more. This high-quality case is made by Vapir, and is specifically designed for the Prima portable vaporizer.

  • Evak Glass Container

    Air takes out the freshness…so EVAK takes out the air. Keep your aromatic blends and other materials in their freshest state possible with Evak.

  • Cloud V Carrying Case

    Protect your vape by using this carrying case designed for the Cloud V Vaporizer. It will hold all the components and tools that come with the Cloud V.

  • NoGoo Carrying Case

    The NoGoo Carrying Case is made from non-stick silicone and is perfect for storing all your essential tools: jars, dishes, containers, vaporizers, etc.


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Items 1 to 12 of 31 total