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Mod Tanks are used to hold and help vaporize your favorite e-juices. Tanks vary by size, thread, and vaporizer type.

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  • G Pen microG Quartz Atomizer

    This is a genuine G pen OEM replacement G Pen MicroG Quartz Atomizer for the microG Vaporizer.

  • G Pen microG Ground Material Atomizer

    This is a Genuine OEM G Pen replacement dry herbs atomizer designed specifically for the G Pen microG Vaporizer.

  • G Pen microG Atomizer

    This is a genuine OEM G Pen replacement atomizer for the new microG Vaporizer from G Pen.

  • KandyPens Glass Oil Tank

    The Almighty KandyPens proudly introduces their Glass Oil Tank - a stylish yet functional tank used for vaping oil concentrates on-the-go.

  • MIG Vapor Sub-Herb Tank

    Have you ever thought to yourself; it would be awesome if I could vape my favorite e-juice and Herb with the same Mod? Well, your prayers have been answered with this unique multi-use tank.


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  • Pulsar APX Wax Atomizer Tank

    This is a genuine Pulsar™replacement tank for the Pulsar APX Wax vaporizer. It is constructed with a solid and durable ceramic heating chamber and features a quartz triple coil atomizer.

  • Cora Replacement Cartridges

    These are a package of two genuine VapeDynamics™ replacement vape cartridges aka Pods for the Cora vaporizer.

  • Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank

    From the makers of the HoneyStick Vaporizer we proudly introduce the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank. This tanks fits any 510 threaded Mod Battery.

  • Atmos Greedy Heating Attachment

    This attachment is sure to enhance your wax vaping experience with its massive chamber that features a sizable quartz rod for immense, flavorful hits, adjustable airflow, and a nearly indestructible stainless steel construction.

  • AirVape Xs Wax Cup

    With the all new AirVape Xs Wax Cup you are able to vape your favorite concentrates and take your vaporization experience to the ultimate level.

  • G Pen microG Tank

    This is a genuine Grenco Science replacement atomizer for the new MicroG Vaporizer. Engineered specifically for thicker viscosity essential oils, the MicroG Tank threads directly into the MicroG battery for improved airflow and function.

  • G Pen Snoop Herbal Tank

    This G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Tank is the highly-anticipated tank system specifically designed for with dry herbs. Engineered for compatibility and function with the G Pen Battery, the Snoop Dogg Herbal Tank is comprised of a stainless steel outer encasement, a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve encasement, a G Cleaning Brush, and the tank itself.


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Items 1 to 12 of 26 total