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Vaporizer Accessories available at King of Vapes

King of Vapes features a wealth of accessories to complement every vaporizer in order to improve your vaporization practice. Whether you need to accessorize your herb pen, wax pen, or e-juice pen, we carry all the accessories you need. Vape cases, storage containers, grinders, cleaning agents, and scales are just the tip of the accessory iceberg. Our inventory is filled with numerous add-ons to help you make vaporizing as efficient and enjoyable as it should be. If there are any particular items you will like to see in out store, please Contact Us and let us know. We might have it in stock and the item just is not listed on the site yet, or if we don't have it in stock, we will do our best to attain it.

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  • DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers

    With the Davinci IQ Glass Spacers you don’t have to fully pack the chamber in case you don’t have enough dry herb materials.


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  • Source Nail XL Recycler

    The Source Nail XL Recycler by Source Vapes™ is a unique glass piece constructed from high quality, hand-blown borosilicate glass.

  • PAX 3 Concentrate Insert

    Ever wished there was a way to use your PAX 3 Vaporizer with Concentrates? The PAX 3 Concentrate Insert helps you do just that!

  • Empire Benny Box Rolling Papers

    Empire Rolling Papers proudly brings us the Benny Box $100 Bill Rolling Papers. This Box of rolling papers from Empire contains a total of 240 mock $100 Bill papers.

  • Tarik T-Rex 1S Rosin Press

    New Tarik T-Rex 1S Rosin Press Tarik T-Rex 1S Rosin Press

    Tarik T-Rex 1S Rosin Press by Tarik + Rosin was engineered for wax enthusiasts looking for full control over their concentrates with no harmful additives.

  • CureCork 5 Gallon Bucket Lid/Screen Curing Kit

    If you cure in a standard 5 gallon bucket, this kit is the perfect complement to your CureCork.

  • Digital CureCork

    CureCork™ is the world’s first and only programmable and fully automated herb aerator.

  • Shine Bundle - Free Grinder

    Shine Papers is the inventor of the World’s finest original 24-Karat Gold rolling paper.

  • BO Power Charging Station

    The BO Vaporizer Power Charging Station allows you to charge the BO One Vaporizer remotely without a USB or AC power supply.

  • CVault Storage Container

    This air-tight Storage Container by Cvault is the perfect storage solution for your favorite dry herb strains.

  • Blazer Lab Burner

    This super-powerful Lab Burner by Blazer provides immense amounts of heat in a focused, anti-flare flame.

  • Vogue 3 Piece Spray Can Grinder

    This Santa Cruz Shredder Spray Can Grinder is constructed from medical-grade anodized aluminum and is the ultimate in new herb grinder technology.


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Items 1 to 12 of 192 total