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Water Filtration Adapters

We carry a multitude of water filtration adapters for various kinds of pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. Don't see what you are looking for? Reach out to us through chat, phone, or email. We might have what you are looking for in stock, but it hasn't been listed on the site.

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  • Source Nail XL Recycler

    The Source Nail XL Recycler by Source Vapes™ is a unique glass piece constructed from high quality, hand-blown borosilicate glass.

  • Vivant Dabox Water Filter

    Tired of carrying around bulky and fragile rigs everywhere you go? The Dabox Vaporizer and the new Dabox Water Filter combo is the solution

  • Boundless CF-710 Water Pipe Adapter

    The Boundless CF-710 Water Pipe Adapter allows you to attach a water pipe to the CF-710 vape for cooler, smoother, and moisturized hits.

  • Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Honeybird Kit

    The Micro Vaped Nectar Collector Honeybird Kit and its "Switch-Hit" technology was designed with true dab connoisseurs in mind.

  • Magic Flight UFO Water Filtration Device

    Magic Flight proudly introduces the UFO Water Filtration Device for the Jak D’Ripper E-nail, and the Launch Box and Muad-Dib Vaporizers.


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  • Cloud V Aqua Bubbler

    This genuine CloudV Aqua Bubbler is the perfect water filtration glassware for your Cloud V Vaporizer.

  • Arizer Air Water Pipe Adapter

    Ever wanted the added pleasure of water filtration to the vapor produced by the Arizer Air or Arizer Solo Vaporizers? This genuine Arizer™ ground glass water pipe adapter makes this all conveniently possible. 

  • EYCE 2.0 Water Filtration Kit

    Eyce is back with the new and improved EYCE 2.0 Water Filtration Kit. The Eyce Kit features a large silicone pipe mold which is filled with water and frozen.

  • Dr. Dabber Boost Magnetic Loading Tool & Carb Cap

    This is a genuine replacement loading tool and carb cap for the Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer, a portable battery-operated e-rig.

  • Exxus Mini Hydro Tube

    The Exxus Mini Hydro Tube is a genuine Exxus manufactured attachment which allows you to enjoy the great benefits of water conditioning your vaporizer on your Exxus Mini Vaporizer.

  • KandyPens ICON Attachment

    The KandyPens ICON Attachment is a mod kit designed with the serious dabber in mind. Three unique nails: quartz, ceramic, and titanium, give you the ability to dab on the go and on any surface of your choice. The Icon is 510 Threaded which allows you to use this attachment with any 510 Threaded battery.

  • Vapir Rise Glass Bubbler

    The Vapir Rise Glass Bubbler allows you to take your Vapir Rise vaporizer experience to the next level with water filtration.


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Items 1 to 12 of 25 total